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The following list of websites is a compilation of all the links presented throughout the text.

Unit A: Simple Motion
Science and Human Values—Aristotle, 4
Scientists and Electromagnetic Waves: Maxwell and Hertz, 8
Galileo Galilei (link: Biographies; G; Galilei, Galileo), 9

Unit B: Applications of Simple Motion 
Motor Trend—Road Tests, 34
Rifling, 39
Bernoulli’s Principle, 44

Unit C: Forces 
Robert Hooke, 50
Sir Isaac Newton, 60
Inertia, 61
Ernst Mach, 61
NASA Riblets for Stars & Stripes

Unit D: Motion and Forces in Two Dimensions 
How it Works: Sailboats, 91
BoatSafe Kids, 91
Atlas of America’s Polluted Waters, 95
Galileo FlightTracker, 99

Unit E: Projectile Motion 
The Geometry of War, 106

Unit F: Orbital Motion 
Motion in a Circle, 122
Kepler and His Laws, 129
May Earth Be Revolving Around the Sun?, 130
Nicolaus Copernicus, 131
Discovery of the Solar System, 131
Applying Kepler’s Third Law, 132
Ellipses and Kepler’s First Law, 132
Kepler’s Second Law, 132
Kepler’s Third Law, 132
How Orbital Motion is Calculated, 133
Robert Hooke, 137
Solar System Orbit Diagrams and Distribution Graphs, 142
J-Track Satellite Tracking, 145
Volpe Center: Overview of GPS, 147
Our Restless Tides, 148
Pluto, 149
Newton’s Theory of “Universal Gravitation”, ?
Comet Observation Home Page
The Astronomy Café
US Naval Observatory

Unit G: Balanced Forces and Torques 
Inventor’s Toolbox: The Elements of Machines, 167
Maria Goeppert Mayer, 168
Marie Curie, 168
Mary Fairfax Greig Somerville, 168
Women of NASA, 169
American Physical Society Education and Outreach, 169
Association for Women Geoscientists, 169
Association for Women in Science, 169
Association for Women in Mathematics, 169
Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics, 169
Women in Physics Group, 169
Society of Women Engineers, 169
Committee on Women in Science and Engineering, 169
Women in Science—Listing by Discipline
Einstein’s Manuscript Goes Unsold
Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics

Unit H: Conservation Laws 
Mars Pathfinder Airbags, 176
Newton’s Cradle, 183
Information about Super-Kamiokande, 183
Spacetime Wrinkles, 210
The Light Cone, 210
Abrasive Water Jet, 214
James Watt

Unit I: Heat Energy and the Kinetic Molecular Model 
Robert Boyle, 225
Bernoulli’s Principle, 225
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Fact Sheet, 249

Unit J: Home Energy and Conservation 
Wind Chill Chart
National Wind Technology Center
Geothermal Energy
Wind Energy
Atmospheric Deposition, 258
Office of Air & Radiation, 258
SOx-NOx-Rox Box Flue Gas Cleanup Demonstration Project, 258
American Wind Energy Association, 270
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, 270
California Energy Commission Homepage, 270
Windpower Monthly, 270
Solar Map, 275, 276
Solar Radiation Data Manual for Buildings, 275, 277

Unit K: Mechanical Waves 
The Camera Shop—Tacoma Narrows Bridge Failure, 285
Play a Piano, 287
Physics Is a Sound Investment, 297
Seismic Waves, 305
Acoustic Instruments, 311

Unit L: Light

Part 1—Linear propagation of light
Willebrord van Roijen Snell, 330
A Fiber-Optic Chronology, 338

Part 2—The wave-particle nature of light
Christiaan Huygens, 340
Isaac Newton Opticks, 340

Part 3—More sophisticated phenomena explained using the wave theory
Thomas Young (link: Young, Thomas), 353
Augustin Jean Fresnel, 354
USGS Spectroscopy Lab, 369
Spectroscopy Magazine, 369
Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics and You—Subtractive Colors, 370
Neitz Color Vison Lab, 370
James Bradley, 374
Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics and You—Albert Michelson, 374
Etienne Louis Malus, 378
Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics and You—Polarization of Light, 379
Edwin Herbert Land, 383
John William Strutt (Lord Rayleigh), 385
Johann Wilhelm Ritter, 387
Molecular Espressions: Science, Optics and You—Friedrich William Herschel herschel.html, 387
Hand-Drawn Holograms, 388
Holophile, Inc—The History and Development of Holography, 388

Unit M: Lenses and Telescopes
Understanding Lenses, 397
Light Pollution Resources, 400
History of the Microscope, 401
The World’s Largest Optical Telescopes, 403

Unit N: Electric Forces and Fields
William Gilbert (link: Biographies; G; Gilbert, William), 408
Rheology Research Center, 412
Rheology, 412
Otto von Guericke, 414
Benjamin Franklin, 414
Joseph Priestley, 423
Charles Augustin de Coulomb, 423
Severe Weather Awareness—Lightning, 428
Sun, 430
Robert Jemison Van de Graaff, 432
History of the Van de Graaff Generator, 432

Unit O: Electric Current 
Luigi Galvani, 440
André Marie Ampère, 440
SolarCentury, 445
Fuel Cells, 446
Semiconductor History, 447
Semiconductor Manufacturing: Fabrication, 447
Jack St. Clair Kilby, 454
Computer Aided Design (CAD), 455
Electron Gun, 458
Thomas Alva Edison, 460
Georg Simon Ohm, 462
Innovations in Lighting, 466, 467
Robert A. Millikan, 472
NASA Neurolab

Unit P: Electromagnetism 
Hans Oersted, 476
Ampere’s Law, 478
Superconducting Materials, 481
Demonstrating Magnetic Levitation and Persistent Current, 486
Molecular Expressions: Electricity and Magnetism—Pulsed Magnets, 486
Cow Magnets, 486
Molecular Expressions: Electricity and Magnetism—Crookes Tube: Cathode Rays, 492
J. J. Thomson, 494
The Mass Spectrometer, 496
Sun, 500
Michael Faraday, 500
Molecular Expressions: Electricity and Magnetism—Lenz’s Law, 506

Unit Q: Electromagnetic Waves 
James Clerk Maxwell, 520
Scientists and Electromagnetic Waves: Maxwell and Hertz, 523
The Electromagnetic Spectrum, 525
Ultraviolet Waves, 526
Legacy Archive for Microwave Background Data Analysis, 526
All About Ozone, 528
Development of Radio Technology, 529
Auroras, 533
Sun, 533
Visible Light Waves, 534

Unit R: The Atom and the Photoelectric Effect 
The Discovery of the Electron, 540
Ernest Rutherford, 541
X-Ray Diffraction, 542
Max von Laue, 542
Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, 542
Henri Becquerel, 542
William Bragg, 542
Robert A. Millikan, 545
Marie Curie, 543
Pierre Curie, 543
Irène Joliot-Curie, 543
The Discovery of the Electron, 544
Einstein—Image and Impact, 545
Niels Bohr, 548
Energy Production in the Sun by Nuclear Fusion