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The following links are from the Chemistry Student Edition.

Unit A: Matter, Energy and the Periodic Table
Guide for Handling Household Chemicals, 4
How Copper is Made, 10
WebElements Periodic Table, 12
Statue of Liberty National Monument, 30
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, 31
The Pictorial Periodic Table, 34
WebElements Periodic Table, 34

Unit B: Structure of the Atom
Glass…solid or liquid?, 60
Gateway to Government Food Safety Information, 61
Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST), 61
Iowa State University Extension, 61
Calculate Your Radiation Dose, 61
Biography: Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck, 62
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 65
American Dental Association, 65
National Cancer Institute, 65
California Dental Association, 65
American Academy of Family Physicians, 65
Environmental Protection Agency, 65
National Center for Fluoridation Policy and Research, 65

Unit C: Chemical Bonding
Kevlar—The Wonder Material, 89

Unit D: Elements, Compounds and Nomenclature
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, 107
Superconductivity, 116
Acid Rain, 121
Lead Information, Activities and Data, 123

Unit E: Chemical Reactions
Understanding the Global Carbon Cycle, 128
Pool Treatment 101: Introduction to Chlorine Sanitizing, 138
How Copper is Made, 139
Thermit Welding, 139
Thermit Welding Ltd. Company Profile, 139
Orgo-Thermit, Inc. Company Page, 139
Ethanol Power, 140

Unit F: Measurement and The Mole

Unit G: Mathematics of Chemical Reactions (Gravimetric Stoichiometry)
Lehigh Heidelberg Cement Group, 190
Palmerton Zinc, 191
Palmerton Citizens for a Clean Environment, 191
Superfund, 191

Unit H: Behavior of Gases
Ozone Depletion—On the Trail of the Missing Ozone, 201
AIRNow—Good Up High Bad Nearby, 201
Press Release; The 1996 Nobel Prize in Physics, 220

Unit I: Liquids, Solids and Phase Changes
Testing and Measuring Emissions, 255

Unit J: Solutions
Common Water Measurements, 292
The Soap and Detergent Association—Chemistry, 297
New York City Department of Environmental Protection, 305
Drink a Cup of Seawater?, 310

Unit K: Organic Chemistry
Pesticides and Food: What You and Your Family Need to Know, 335
Pesticides and Food: What “Organically Grown” Means, 335
A Consumer’s Guide to Fats, 341

Unit L: Thermochemistry
Photosynthesis and Respiration, 358
Fusion Energy Sciences, 360
The American Solar Energy Society (link: Solar Guide), 366
Heat Pump Basics, 368
MedTerms Medical Dictionary, 380
Nuclear Energy (Uranium)—Energy from Atoms, 383

Unit M: Chemical Kinetics and Equilibrium
Cooking at High Altitudes, 390
Testing and Measuring Emissions, 402
Organic Farming, 426
Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont, 426
California Certified Organic Farmers, 426

Unit N: Acids and Bases
pH Meter, 438
Water Properties: pH, 440
Acid Rain, 441

Unit O: Electrochemistry

Unit P: Nuclear Chemistry
Calculate Your Radiation Dose, 488
Nuclear Energy (Uranium)—Energy from Atoms, 503
Information and Issue Briefs, 503
Biological and Environmental Research, 504
Fusion Energy Sciences, 504
Nuclear Energy Made Simple, 504, 506
Radon, 508
Indoor Air—Radon, 508
Renewable Energy Policy Project, 510
The Peaceful Atom, 511
Gateway to Government Food Safety Information, 512
Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST), 512
Iowa State University Extension, 512
MDS Nordion, 512
Radiotherapy, 513
The Peaceful Atom, 516