Chemistry: Applied and Descriptive


Student Edition Features

Student Edition

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  • 544 pages, hardbound, four-color
  • Organization of topics has been refined to provide the best teaching strategy for the subject of Chemistry
  • Each unit includes Labs, Demos, Exercises and a Unit Review
  • Sidebars contain websites, A Closer Look features, Did You Know? features and more

Below is a listing of the units from the Student Edition.

Unit A: Matter, Energy, and the Periodic Table

Unit B: The Structure of the Atom

Unit C: Chemical Bonding

Unit D: Elements, Compounds, and Nomenclature

Unit E: Chemical Reactions

Unit F: Measurement and The Mole

Unit G: The Mathematics of Chemical Reactions

Unit H: Behavior of Gases

Unit I: Liquids, Solids, and Phase Changes

Unit J: Solutions

Unit K: Organic Chemistry

Unit L: Thermochemistry

Unit M: Chemical Kinetics and Equilibrium

Unit N: Acids and Bases

Unit O: Electrochemistry

Unit P: Nuclear Chemistry

Appendix, Careers, Glossary and Index