Environmental Science:
How the World Works and Your Place in It (3rd ed.)

  • Geared toward high school students (appropriate reading level)
  • Presents students with real-life environmental issues and concerns
  • Designed to encourage and challenge students to think about practical solutions to genuine environmental concerns
  • Overview of Life, Earth and Physical sciences using the environment as a point of reference
  • Provides websites to encourage learning outside the classroom
  • Suitable for students not taking Physics or Chemistry
  • Six core units: Ecology, Air, Food, Aquatic Systems, Water for the People and Energy
  • Award-winning author
  • Third edition has been completely rewritten and updated to provide better comprehension
  • Soft grade-nine reading level
  • Four-color throughout
  • Internet connections
  • Paginated Glossary
  • 26 "Closer Looks" review real life Environmental Problems
  • In-depth coverage of complex issues
  • Many new charts, graphs and maps
  • Added opportunities for problem-solving and decision-making
  • New Study Guide and Test Program
  • New non-consumable Lab Manual has 64 activities plus 19 additional labs in the textbook
  • Thorough discussion of new issues, including: Logging, the Ozone Layer, Climate Change, Superfund Sites, and Environmental Impact of Consumer Choices and Population
  • Career Sections
  • Index of Section first-mentions

Environmental Challenges:

  • Population
  • Lifestyles: The Carbon Dioxide Diet
  • Seeing the Forest and the Trees
  • One Last Stand: Trees or Timber
  • Should the Delaney Clause Be Amended?
  • Gold--That Precious Metal: The Story Behind the Glitter
  • Oil and Wildlife Don't Mix (Valdez and Otters)
  • The Bison Are Back
  • Saving Waste Heat--Is It Worth the Trouble and Expense?

Environmental Science Curriculum

Pictured from left to right.

Back row: Student Edition, Study Guide, Issues & Investigations

Middle row: Teacher's Notes for Issues & Investigations, Teacher's Manual, Test Program

Front row: Answer Key to the Study Guide, Worksheets for Issues & Investigations, Teacher Component Disc

Preview Environmental Science Files
Student Edition Teacher's Manual Issues & Investigations Teacher's Notes
Worksheets Study Guide PowerPoint Presentation 2002 Links / 2007 Links

Environmental Science Components

Textbook (524 pages, hardbound, four-color) 0920008925 $76.95
Teacher Component (Includes items listed below and all electronic files except the Issues and Investigations Manual) 0920008585 $180.00
   Teacher's Manual (262 pages, perfect bound) 0920008941 $69.95
   Issues & Investigations (64 activities, 96 pages, perfect bound, non-consumable)* 0920008968 $12.95
   Teacher's Notes for Issues and Investigations (146 pages, perfect bound) 0920008478 $35.95
   Worksheets for Issues and Investigations (92 pages, saddle-stitched, consumable) 0920008469 $24.95
   Study Guide (223 pages, perfect bound, consumable)* 0920008984 $14.95
   Answers to Study Guide (274 pages, 3-hole punched, shrink-wrapped) 0920008933 $25.00
   Computer Test Program (201 pages) / Answers (29 pages) (3-hole punched, shrink-wrapped and
   included on Teacher Component disc as Word files)
0920008976 $79.95
   PowerPoint Presentation (Included on Teacher Component Disc)
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