Biology: Patterns and Processes of Life

  • First course in biology for high school students
  • Suitable for college prep students
  • Emphasizes the relationship between structure and function in living organisms
  • Encourages a reductionist and "cause and effect" approach to studying life by examining complex relationships as simple interactions
  • Reinforces pattern recognition and causality throughout
  • Closer Looks on topics ranging from steroids to stem cell research
  • Going Further questions at the end of each chapter cover concept maps, investigations and themes
  • Possible to teach entire book in one year
  • 24 chapters totaling 736 pages
  • High-quality illustrations
  • Numerous LM, TEM and SEM images (microscope images) presented throughout the text

Biology Curriculum

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Back row: Student Edition, Study Guide, Lab Manual

Front row: Transparencies, Teacher Manual, Teacher Component Disc

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Student Edition Lab Manual Teacher's Manual Textbook Exercises
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Biology Components

Student Component
   Student Edition (736 pages, hardbound, four-color) 0920008054 $76.95
   Lab Manual (perfect bound, non-consumable)* 0920008070 $7.95
Teacher Component (Includes items listed below and CD-ROM with electronic files) 0920008011 $300.00
   Teacher Manual (perfect bound) 0920008119 $69.95
   Skills Builder 0920008135 $15.95
   Computer Test Program (CD-ROM) 0920008151 $69.95
   Textbook Exercises (245 pages, perfect bound, non-consumable) 0920008178 $17.95
   Study Guide (175 pages, consumable) / Answers (175 pages) (perfect bound)* 0920008259 $14.95
   Reader's Guide (perfect bound, non-consumable)* 0920008275 $14.95
   Worksheets 0920008291 $12.95
   Teacher Resource CD-ROM (Win/Mac) 0920008194 $79.95
   Lesson Plans 0920008232 $25.00
   PowerPoint Presentation (Included on Teacher Component Disc)
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