Exploring Chemistry Components (Prices in Canadian Dollars)

Student Workbook (320 pages, perfect bound, black & white, consumable) 0920008917 $14.25
Periodic Tables (pkg of 100, shrink-wrapped) $27.00
Data Sheets (pkg of 100, shrink-wrapped) $27.00
Teacher Component (Includes items listed below and CD-ROM with electronic files) 0920008542 $250.00
   Teacher's Manual (100 pages, perfect bound) 092000895X $65.95
   Unit Reviews and Additional Material (Available on Disc)
   Solutions Manual (145 pages, perfect bound) 0920008992 $47.95
   Computer Test Program (Variety of question styles, including multiple-choice; regular level) 0920008550 $79.95
   PowerPoint Presentation (Included on Teacher Component Disc)
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