Biology: Patterns and Processes of Life


Student Edition

Student Edition

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  • 736 pages, hardbound, four-color
  • Geared toward high school students
  • Topics in biology are presented in 24 chapters so the entire book can be taught in one school year 
  • Each chapter begins with an introductory paragraph introducing the topic of study
  • The chapters are divided into sections, which open with a list of Objectives and end with a mini-review or Check Up
  • At the end of each chapter is a Chapter Review including Vocabulary, Multiple Choice and Short Answer questions and Going Further Exercises
  • Chapter Summaries are available separately in the Teacher Component

Below is a complete listing of Units and Chapters in the Student Edition.

Table of Contents

Unit A

Chapter 1 Science and How It Works
Chapter 2 The Diversity of Life
Chapter 3 The Kingdoms of Living Things

Unit B
Chapter 4 The Theory of Evolution
Chapter 5 Chemistry and the Origin of Life
Chapter 6 The History of Our Planet

Unit C
Chapter 7 Cell Structure and Function   Preview Chapter 7 (PDF file)
Chapter 8 Photosynthesis and Respiration: Energy Transformations in the Cell
Chapter 9 Cell Division

Unit D
Chapter 10 Patterns of Inheritance
Chapter 11 DNA—the Molecule of Inheritance
Chapter 12 Biotechnology

Unit E
Chapter 13 Animal Structure and Function
Chapter 14 Gas Exchange and Internal Transport
Chapter 15 Animal Nutrition
Chapter 16 Animal Reproduction
Chapter 17 The Endocrine System
Chapter 18 The Nervous System
Chapter 19 Sensory and Motor Function

Unit F
Chapter 20 Plant Structure and Function
Chapter 21 Life Cycles of Plants

Unit G
Chapter 22 Introduction to Ecology
Chapter 23 Ecological Communities
Chapter 24 Human Impact on the Environment